Back To The Future 2018 Results


It was a night of shocks and surprises at 'Back To The Future 2018' at The Cornbow Hall in Halesowen
Josh Bradford managed to get one over on PL4Y when he pinned Brody Cross. After the match Dante and Kevin O'Neil attacked Josh Bradford, clearing him from the ring. Dante then took to the mic and said that he was dissapointed with Cross's recent performances, but they were going to give him another chance. They lied, and attacked Brody Cross!!

Next up the outspoken Nadia Sapphire made her return to AWW to take on the debuting Athena Furie. An impressive showing from Furie who hit Sapphire with a flurry of rana's and missile dropkicks, but ultimately Nadia's strength and experience shone through and she pinned Furie after a Samoan Drop.

Then the 4 lumberjacks were introduced to the crowd as it was time for RJ Mann took on Drake Wynter. With no conclusive winner between these two over the last few months, tonight we were going to get a winner.

Drake Wynter used his size to disable RJ in the early going, but RJ fought back and at one point had Wynter about to tap out to a 'Rings Of Saturn' submission. Fortunately for Wynter he had his foot placed on the bottom rope by lumberjack, Jonny Jackson. At the end of the match Wynter countered RJ's finishing move, but then succumbed to a 'Rings Of Saturn' for a submission vicory.

Mickey vs Lucas - brother vs brother - this match had been 6 months in the maiking and now they finally got their match. These two held nothing back as they battered each other mercilessly. Lucas somehow came out the victor after hitting a low blow and then nailing Mickey with the 'Brother Buster'. We have a feeling that this 'Family Feud' is far, far from over!
In a rematch from November Reign, Axel Steel took on newcomer Troy Jones. After his debut at 'November Reign', Troy has become an instant favourite with the AWW fans. In the run up to the match, Axl stated that he had watched their first match and he knew exactly how to beat his opponent this time around. A real back and forth match where no one seemed to have the upper hand for long, with many reversals and submissions escapes. True to his word it was Axl who came out the victor after his patented 'Raining Steel' slam. After the match Axl added insult to injury as he it Jones with his guitar.
The main event was a tag match as Jonny Jackson and Dante took on Steven Keane and his mystery partner. Steven Keane came out onto the stage and announced his partner was going to be Mickey Rowley! With this Mickey came out onto the stage and stated that he couldn't be his partner tonight but he has spoke to someone backstage who could be -with that, out comes Brody Cross to a thunderous ovation.

It was Keane who would start the match. The crowd grew anxious as Dante and Jackson wore down a determined Keane but they refused to allow Cross to get into the match. Then eventually after a valiant effort from the 'Submission Specialist' he made the tag giving Cross the opportunity to finally get his hands on Dante.

Brody came in like a house on fire, dropping both opponents with clotheslines and body slams. Dante then managed to get the upper hand on Brody and scaled to the top rope, only to be accidentally knocked off by his own partner, as Jackson tried to hit Keane with a steel chair on the outside, but Keane moved out the way resulting in Jackson hitting the top rope and causing Dante to fall. This is where revenge was all to sweet for Brody Cross as he was able to put Dante away with his 'Brody Cross' for the 1 2 3!

AWW return to The Cornbow Hall on Saturday 3rd March.