Second match signed for 14AS


At 'The Heat Is On' last month Steven Keane was viciously attacked after his match by someone who has been a thorn in his side for a few months now - Jonny Jackson.

Having just successfully defended his AWW Academy Title against Drake Wynter - Pro Wrestler, Jonny Jackson jumped Keane from behind and gave him a devastating pump handle slam onto a steel chair.

Keane was battered and bruised for quite a few days, but fortunately he suffered no lasting damage and he is now fit and ready for the 14th Anniversary Show.

The day following that show, Jonny Jackson contacted AWW Management and demanded an AWW Academy Title match against Steven Keane at the 14th Anniversary Show.

Steven Keane agreed to defend his title, but requested that Jackson had to put something on the line too. Such is the confidence of Jackson, he agreed that if he lost he would cut all his hair off in the middle of the ring!

AWW Academy Title Match - Title vs Hair
Steven Keane vs Jonny Jackson