Back To The Future Results


It was an evening of surprises and shocks at ‘Back To The Future’, as the stars of AWW battled in the Cornbow Hall.

At the start of the evening Dante took to the ring to address the crowd regarding his AWW Academy Title defence in the main event. He bought out Steven Keane, and the two traded verbal insult. This was all a setup as Dante bought out PL4Y who attacked Keane with a steel chair. Would Keane be fit for his match?

Matt Lightning vs Josh Bradford
In the first match of the night, Matt Lightning took on impressive newcomer Josh Bradford. Matt has undergone a change as of late, a BIG change. Gone is the enthusiastic highflyer, what we have now is a deranged, empty, bitter individual. Back in September he was forced to lose his mask, and it is now that mask that he carries around with him on a mannequins head. What’s more worrying is that he now appears to talk to the mask.

The ‘Yorkshire Grappler’ Josh Bradford made a good showing for himself, and quickly endeared himself to the AWW fans, with an array of technical and smash mouth moves.

Late into the match, Matt Lightning hit Josh with a metal bracelet and then continually hit Bradford in the head with it. Referee Peter Felix had no alternative but to disqualify Lightning, giving Bradford the win.

Winner – Josh Bradford via DQ

The Courtroom w/The Judge
Next up we had the debut of ‘The Courtroom’ with The Judge, and his guest for the evening was Drake Wynter.
It quickly became apparent that Drake was in no mood for fooling around, telling The Judge that he was too old, and that he should be stepping aside to let the younger wrestlers through. The Judge quickly pointed out that he was a former AWW Academy Champion, and that in all honesty Drake had only won a couple of matches in his entire career.

This was all Drake needed to hear as he attacked The Judge. But the wily veteran soon took control of the situation and despatched Wynter to the back. Could The Judge actually be a fan favourite now?
It was announced that The Judge vs Drake Wynter would take place later in the night.

Big Rich vs Mark Sanchez
In the second match of the evening, PL4Y member Mark Sanchez had to take on rising AWW star Big Rich. Before the match started Kevin O’Neil told the crowd that there was a weak link in PL4Y and Sanchez was it. Sanchez was told that if he didn’t beat Rich, then he would be booted out of PL4Y.

With a near 8 stone weight difference, Big Rich dominated Sanchez for the entire bruising match. It appeared that PL4Y (who remained at ringside) never really wanted Sanchez to win as every time he was ejected from the ring they threw him back in.

In the end Big Rich hit Sanchez with the ‘Whopper Driver’ and scored the 1-2-3. PL4Y then got in the ring and hot Sanchez with the AWW Academy Title belt leaving him motionless in the ring.

Winner – Big Rich

AWW British Title Match - Mickey Rowley © vs Brody Cross
The hugely popular AWW British Champion Mickey Rowley came out to great ovation, which was in stark contrast to his opponent Brody Cross. A fine display of technical wrestling was on view here as they both tried to outwrestle each other.

This was a true clash of styles as Brody Cross is a student of the game, and loves nothing more than tying opponents up in knots, whilst Mickey Rowley loves to use his speed and agility to dazzle his opponent.

The two battled both inside and outside the ring, but in the end it was speed and agility that won the night, as Mickey Rowley hit Brody Cross with a pedigree to get the win and retain his title.

Winner – Mickey Rowley

RJ Mann vs Kevin O’Neil
This match was signed after the main event of ‘November Reign’ when RJ Mann (then the referee) hit O’Neil with a tornado DDT enabling Jonny Storm to get the pinfall.

RJ Mann had been in training for 2 solid months in preparation for the match, and he looked impressive. Unfortunately for him it was O’Neil who pretty much dominated this whole match, and showed disrespect for Mann throughout.

O’Neil obviously took the match lightly, and his cockiness was his undoing. After attempting to use the ropes during a pinfall attempt, O’Neil refused to let go, referee Peter Felix kicked O’Neil’s hands enabling Mann to get the upset victory. O’Neil sat in the ring in disbelief, PL4Y were not having the best of nights and it was only going to get worse.

Winner – RJ Mann


The Judge vs Drake Wynter
Upon his entrance Drake Wynter was greeted to a chorus of boos, whilst The Judge was cheered, what a difference an hour can make!

The Judge controlled much of the early going, embarrassing the young upstart along the way. But he didn’t have it all his own way as Drake battled back with the power and aggression that the AWW fans have now become accustomed to.

In the end Drake set The Judge up for his Wasteland finishing move, but The Judge countered and hit Drake with the devastating cannonball/vertical splash combination.

The Judge won this battle, but as far as Drake Wynter is concerned this is only the start of the war.

Winner – The Judge

AWW Academy Title Match – Dante © vs Steven Keane
There was no question as to who the crowd wanted to win this one, with the crowd chanting ‘tap, tap, tap’ at Dante all match long. The match went back and forth, with near falls galore, multiple times it looked as though Keane was going to win as he locked on another submission.

In the end Steven Keane locked on his armbar submission, but Dante managed to roll him up for a near pinfall. Keane however learnt from their previous match and pulled him back into the centre of the ring where Dante had no choice but to submit.

Winner – Steven Keane – NEW AWW Academy Champion

AWW return to The Cornbow Hall on Saturday 25th February, featuring the return of Jonny Storm.

How will Drake Wynter react to his loss to The Judge?
After losing all their matches, the AWW Academy Title and kicking Mark Sanchez out of the group, what’s next for PL4Y?
Will Matt Lightning descend further into madness?