Dante stripped of the title!


We have decided to release the photo that was sent to us, and as you can see for yourselves, it seems to suggest that there was an exchange of money backstage at ‘High Stakes’.

We have spoken to referee Ryan Miller and he said that, yes, he was offered cash by PL4Y  to ‘do the right thing’, however Ryan says that the photo doesn’t show the whole story, and he in fact, turned down the cash.

PL4Y member Brody Cross told us that they were simply giving Ryan some cash, so that he could go and get them some beers from the bar.

We’d like to believe Ryan Miller, in fact we’d like to believe PL4Y, but due to the circumstances in the title change we feel that we have no other option but to strip Dante of the AWW British Title.

Both Ryan and Dante have been reinstated into AWW, and Dante's position as AWW Academy Champion remains unchanged.

The AWW British Title is currently VACANT, and on September 10th/11th during our ‘13th Anniversary Weekender’, we will be holding an 8 Person Tournament to determine a new champion. Saturday 10th will feature 4 Quarter Final matches, with the Sunday hosting the Semi Finals and Final.

Due to PL4Y's involvemment in all of this, Brody Cross, Mark Sanchez, Dante, nor Kevin O'Neil will be allowed into the tournament.

Tickets are available from our 'Shop' now.