Dante Suspended!


As reported a few days ago, we recently received word of an incident backstage at ‘High Stakes’.

We can now reveal that on Friday last week an anonymous source sent us some information pertaining to the actions of PL4Y in the run up to the Dante vs Jonny Storm – Title vs Title match. This source claimed that PL4Y, and in particular, Dante, was seen talking to referee Ryan Miller in a ‘less than civil’ manner.

After viewing the photograph that was secretly taken at the time, we feel that we have no alternative to suspend Dante and Ryan Willis, until we can get to the bottom of this matter.

Dante won the AWW British Title from Jonny Storm, even though Jonny’s foot was clearly on the ropes during the pinfall. Referee Ryan claimed to have not saw this, and awarded the title to Dante. However after this latest development, we are not so sure that all is as it seems.