Sessions are held twice weekly.

AWW Wrestling Academy (Netherton)
Unit 22
Hillcrest Business Park
(Sat Nav - DY2 9BB) 

Sessions cost just £7.

Wednesdays: 7:30pm until 9:30pm (All Levels - Taken by Dante/Kevin O'Neil alternately)
Fridays: 7:30pm until 9:30pm (Beginners/Intermediate - Classes taken by Mickey Rowley)
Sundays: 5pm until 7pm (or stay till 8pm for just £10) (All Levels - Class taken by Kevin O'Neil)

All training is held in the 16-foot AWW wrestling ring.

* We only accept over 14 year olds only - Male or Female!

We have a selection of free weights, two multigyms, a weight bench, a matted area for grappling, chin-up bar, skipping ropes, kettle bell, medicine ball, punch bag and TRX suspension trainer.

There is also a TV and DVD player, where we can record and watch your matches. Or watch a selection of DVDs from over the years, including classic World of Sport matches featuring such greats as Rollerball Rocco, Johnny Saint, Flash Jordan and Jim Breaks.

We also have a fridge, where bottled water is provided free of charge. 

Since June 2011, the AWW Academy has been used by many current wrestling stars like -

Doug Williams, Jonathan Gresham, “Wonderkid” Jonny Storm, Shinya Ishikawa, Johnny Kidd, James Mason, T-Bone, RJ Brewer, Dave Mastiff, 'Simply Sensational' Saul Adams and many, many more .......


We also hold 3hr training seminars, with a host of different wrestling stars. In the past we have had -

Johnny Kidd - British 'World Of Sport' star
Doug Williams - Former TNA iMPACT Tag Team Champion
'Wonderkid' Johnny Storm - British Star
RJ Brewer - Former Ring Of Honor Star
James Mason - British Star
Chris Hero aka Kassius Ohno - ROH and former WWE/NXT Star
Johnny Saint - British 'World Of Sport' legend

Upcoming Seminars -
Wednesday 24th January - 7:00pm till 10pm - £15 - with Jonny Storm 

AWW Live Events -
After attending training and when the trainers present think you are a certain level, you will be considered to take part in the AWW Live Event shows. These shows are held monthly at The Cornbow Hall in Halesowen.

Current trainees that are performing on AWW shows include - Mickey Rowley, RJ Mann, Jonny Jackson, Axl Steel, Dante, DJINN and many more....

Details on the next AWW Live Event can be found on the events page.

Frequently Asked Questions  -
Q - Do I need to book my first session, or can I just turn up?
A -  You don't need to book, but an email to let us know when you wish to attend your first session would be appreciated.

Q - What do I need to bring, what should I wear? 
A - Loose non restrictive clothing, ideally a change of footwear. We provide bottled water. If you stick at it, then knee pads are advised.

Q - I'm not very fit, will I be ok?
A - We won't push anyone to do anything too quickly. Come along and watch a session and then you will have a better idea if it's for you.

Q - What is the warmup like?
A - Fitness is an important part of professional wrestling and our warmups generally last between 30mins to 1hr. The warmup can consist of elements from yoga and boxercise, or we run a circuit which consists of situps, squats, pushups, skipping etc. Sometimes we combine everything together.

Q - What will I learn?
A - To begin with you'll be learning the bascis, like break falls and lock ups. Your first session will mostly take place on a crash mat until you learn correct from. From there on you'll learn a mulitude of things, at your own pace. We'll never push you into doing things you are not capable of.

Q - How long will it take me to get on shows?
A - This can vary from person to person, for some 6 months, and others 2 years. Realistically you're looking at 12 months of training before you would be considered for a show.

Q - How many people have you trained that have gone on to wrestle around the country?
A - Kevin O'Neil has been training people since 1999 - and amongst the many that have started their training with him include - The Hunter Brothers, 'Simply Sensational' Saul Adams, Steven Keane, Dave Mastiff, Tyler Bate, Pippa L'Vinn, Jesse Jones, Mickey Rowley, Omari, Jonny Jackson and Brandon Thomas.  




Are you an established promotion/promoter/wrestler?

The AWW Academy can also be hired out, (2hr minimum) fill out the contact form for enquires.

In the past we have also hosted birthday parties and even held group wrestling training as part of a stag/hen celebrations!